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Body Treatment

It’s simple to connect with your true self through body treatment. “Book now” at Mamati Ladies Salon to be treated by professional therapists who will soothe your body and leave you feeling invigorated.

Body Treatment

We at Mamati Ladies Salon understand the importance of savoring those brief moments when our clients can unwind and get away from their problems during the body treatment sessions. You can explore the personalized soothing channels with the help of our fully qualified massage therapists.


Invest in your body, your soul will thank you.

MAMATI,VILA 25, Street 12, Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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Delka AED 350 45mins - 1hrs
Delka Special AED 500 1hrs 30mins
Delka Royal AED 700 2hrs
Delka Mamati Signature AED 1000 2hrs
Moroccan Bath AED 350 2hrs
Morrocan Bath Special AED 650 1hrs 30mins
Moroccan Bath Royal+leefafree AED 850 1hrs 30mins
Moroccan Bath Mamati Signature AED 1000 2hrs
Bride Moroccan Bath AED 1000 3hr
Turkish Bath Normal AED 350 1hrs 30mins
Turkish Bath Special AED 500 1hrs 30mins
Turkish Bath Royal AED 750 2hrs
Turkish Bath Mamati Signature AED 1000 3hrs
Salt Cave AED 350 60mins

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