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Hair is the richest ornament of women and beautiful hair presupposes beautiful care. “Book now” at Mamati Ladies Salon to uncover your hair’s ultimate potential.

Hair Styling & Treatments

At our award-winning hair salon in Abu Dhabi, it’s all about bringing out the best in your hairstyle and creating something unique. With our tailored hair treatments, our women’s haircuts will give you a healthy glow with body, sheen, and volume. Mamati Ladies Salon’s hair professionals, who are at the forefront of world trends, guarantee gorgeous hair.


Let us unlock the true potential of your hair.

MAMATI,VILA 25, Street 12, Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Hair Essentials

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Cut & Restyle AED 200
Fringe Cut AED 60
Full Cut & Blowdry AED 200
Full Hair Cut AED 150
Hair Trim AED 60
Machine Cut AED 100
Blowdry (S) AED 130
Blowdry (M) AED 150
Blowdry (L) AED 180
Blowdry (XL) AED 200
Hair Ironing AED 100
Hair Wash AED 50
Hair Wash /Heena AED 100

Hair Color

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Root Color AED 250  
Full Color (S) AED 300  
Full Color (M) AED 450  
Full Color (L) AED 700  
Hair Highlights AED 1,500  
Half Highlights AED 900  
Rinsage (S) AED 250 (Starting)  
Color me without ammonia    
Inoa Roots Color AED 350  
full color (S) AED 400  
full color(M) AED 600  
full color (L) AED 900  
Ombre Balayage (S) AED 400  
Ombre Balayage (M) AED 600  
Ombre Balayage (L) AED 1500  
Fixing Hair Sticker per Pc AED 20  
Hair Extension Color AED 400  
Hair Extension Removal + Sticking AED 30  
Hair Miles Tape Hair Extension (55cm) AED 800  
Natural Hair Extension (55cm) AED 800  
Natural Hair Extension (70cm) AED 1500  
Wig (Wash & Blow dry) AED 150  
Mamati Bride Hair Style AED 1500  
Creative Updo (S) AED 200  
Creative Updo (M) AED 320  
Creative Updo (L) AED 420  
Curly Hair Style (S) AED 150  
Curly Hair Style (M) AED 220  
Curly Hair Style (L) AED 320  
Curly Hair Style (XL) AED 350  
Wavy Hair Style (S) AED 150  
Wavy Hair Style (M) AED 400  
Wavy Hair Style (L) AED 400  
Hair Braid one by one AED 300  
Hair Updo (S) AED 200  
Hair Updo (M) AED 350  
Hair Updo (L) AED 450  
Hair Updo (XL) AED 500  

Hair Treatments

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Kevin Murphy Treatment (S) AED 250  
Loreal Hair Treatment (S) AED 250  
Loreal/Mask Add on AED 50  
Moremo Intense Hair Treatment (S) AED 250  
Nano Hair Treatment AED 500  
Olaplex and Natural Hair Treatment (S) AED 250  
Organic Hair Treatment (S) AED 250  
Natural Hair Treatment AED 250 (Starting)  
Natural Scalp Scrub Treatment AED 150  
Mamati Signiture Oil Hair Treatment AED 130  
Keraprime Treatment    
Kepaprime Treatments
Protein Roots Treatment AED 600  
Protein Full Hair Treatment AED 1,300 (Starting)  

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