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Makeup is a weapon that gives a woman the power to express herself from the inside out. To experience the magical touch, “Book now” at Mamati Ladies Salon.


We believe that elegance comes from being as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, so taking care of one’s appearance with the help of our fully qualified creative makeup artists is a top priority at Mamati Ladies Salon.


Any woman can look her best if she feels good in her skin.

MAMATI,VILA 25, Street 12, Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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Mamati Bridal Make Up AED 4000  
Daily Make Up AED 500  
Evening Makeup AED 500  
Eye Make Up AED 300  
Special Make Up AED 1500  


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Basic Facial AED 250  
Purifying Facial AED 350  
Sensitive Facial AED 350  
Whitening Facial AED 350  
Eye Repair treatment AED 300  
Under Arm whitening AED 300  
LPG Face Lifting AED 350  
Power C Facial AED 500  
Power Hyluronic AED 500  
Power Oxygen AED 500  
Power Retinol AED 500  
Aquatherm Facial AED 500  
Hydra Facial AED 500  
Global Lift Facial AED 700  
Skeyndor Corrective Facial AED 750  
Pro Peel Facial AED 750  
Mesotherpay AED 600  
Microdermabrasion treatment AED 600  
Back Facial AED 400  


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Eyebrow Bleach + Cut AED 80  
Eyebrow Bleaching AED 80  
Face & Neck Bleaching AED 150  
Full Back Bleaching AED 120  
Full Body Bleach AED 450  
Full Face + Eyebrows AED 150  
Full Face Bleaching AED 150  
Full Hand Bleaching AED 100  
Leg Bleaching AED 150  

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