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Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in. “Book now” at Mamati Ladies Salon as you are only a massage away from a good mood.


At Mamati Ladies Salon, we work by the motto “Touch the Body, heal the mind and calm the spirit.You can explore the personalized soothing channels with the help of our fully qualified massage therapists.


Touch the Body, heal the mind and calm the spirit

MAMATI,VILA 25, Street 12, Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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Relaxing Massage 50mins AED 300
Relaxing Massage 60mins AED 300
Relaxing Massage 80mins AED 350
Swedish Massage Therapy 60mins AED 300
Deep Tissue Massage 60mins AED 400
Hot Stone Massage 60mins AED 400
Chinese Tradition/Fire Cupping 60mins AED 350
Cupping Therapy/Plastic and Silicone 90mins AED 500
Thai Massage/Shiatsu 60mins AED 300
Pregnancy Massage 60mins AED 350
Stomach Massage 20mins AED 200
Mixed Massage ( 30 minsDeep tissue +30mins Relaxing massage) AED 400
Hot Stone Cupping Massage Therapy 60mins AED 400
Hot Stone Combination of Wood and Water Retention 90mins AED 600
Relaxing+Bamboo Stick/Silicone AED 300
Therapeutic back massage with Hot Stone 45mins AED 250
Therapeutic back massage with Cupping 45mins AED 270
Therapeutic back massage with Cupping & Hot Stone 45mins AED 300
Face Yoga 60mins AED 250
Face Massage 30mins AED 200
Head Massage 30mins AED 60
Head, Shoulder, Neck 45mins AED 250
Back Massage 30mins AED 200
Feet Massage 10mins AED 50
Feet Massage 20mins AED 100
Feet Massage 30mins AED 150
Grounding Full leg Massage 30mins AED 180
Feet Massage 60mins AED 300
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Brazillian Butt Lifting Massage AED 350
Cellulite Treatment AED 450
Dry Brush Massage AED 350
LPG Eye Puffyness Treatment AED 250
LPG Face Lifting AED 350
LPG Full Body AED 800
LPG Taregtted Areas AED 500
LPG-Lip Contouring AED 200
Lymphatic massage AED 380
Madero Body & Face AED 650
Maderotherapy-Face AED 250
Mederotherapy AED 400

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