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Hair-free lets a woman care-free. “Book now” at Mamati Ladies Salon to slow the grow.


Are you ready for a full-body smoothing experience? We at Mamati Ladies Salon are here to put you at ease so you can say goodbye to summer skin and say hello to smooth skin.

Glowing skin is always in.

MAMATI,VILA 25, Street 12, Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Normal Waxing

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Underarm Waxing AED 70  
Half Arm Waxing AED 70  
Half Back Waxing AED 90  
Half Leg Waxing AED 90  
Full Arms Waxing AED 90  
Full Face Waxing AED 120  
Full Leg Waxing AED 130  
Bikini Line Waxing AED 120  
Brazilian Waxing AED 150  
Buttocks Waxing AED 120  
Chin Wax AED 40  
Eyebrows Waxing AED 80  
Nose Waxing AED 30  
Stomach Waxing AED 100  
Upper Lip Waxing AED 30  
Full Back Waxing AED 120  
Full Body + Brazilian AED 500  
Full Body Waxing AED 450  

Halawa Waxing

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Bikini Halawa AED 100  
Full Back Halawa AED 150  
Full Body + Brazilian Halawa AED 600  
Full Body Halawa AED 550  
Full Hand Halawa AED 150  
Full Leg Halawa AED 150  
Half Arm Halawa AED 80  
Half Leg Halawa AED 80  
Stomach Halawa AED 100  
Under Arm Halawa AED 60  

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